Why cross-country skiing is good for kids

Why cross-country skiing is good for kids

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Go through forests of snowy trees, walk in silence on trails surrounded by nature, and be away from the crowds. That is what the cross country ski Is there anyone who does not want to sign up?

We tell you what it consists of and all the benefits of cross-country skiing for children.

The first thing we have to know is that cross-country skiing has nothing to do with alpine skiing. In the alpine, steep slopes are climbed in order to descend them, while cross-country skiing consists of a nice walk or excursion through nature with skis on your feet.

It is the oldest form of skiing, as it involves riding on skis by marked routes and descend slightly through the forest paths. It was created in the Nordic countries, which is why it is also called Nordic Ski.

It also has nothing to do with ski touring, which could be framed within risk sports, since it consists of climbing a peak and descending it, and would be between walking and mountaineering.

In cross-country skiing we will take a walk through marked routes, which have hardly any unevenness, and where you set the pace, the stops, the time, the mileage, come on, the same as trekking but in the snow and on skis!

The groomed slopes have a "footprint" made with the skis that will serve as a guide to advance, and where we will slide our skis.

In addition to all the incentives that I have told you, we leave you a few more benefits it has for children.

- Is for All publicIt is not necessary to be in good physical shape, or even to teach classes, it is enough to stand and walk, although a slight notions of how we can coordinate the body will always help us.

- There are no agglomerations, no noise, no mechanization, as happens with alpine skiing.

- It is quieter and you can set your own pace, which makes it perfect for younger children.

- Is a very complete sport, since we move the whole body at the same time.

- Improves coordination, agility and balance of children.

- Help to improve stamina, and the oxygenation of the body to have to be practiced at high altitude.

- Is cheaper than alpine skiing, and that shows in your pocket especially when we bring the whole family.

Do you need more incentives to take the children to practice cross-country skiing? ... Well, they can also enjoy the snow in remote places!

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