Mayan horoscope for your baby

The children's astrology It is a very useful tool when it comes to knowing the baby's personality. In addition to traditional astrology, we can resort to other more unknown but equally effective techniques such as numerology or Mayan astrology, for example. The mayan astrology It will introduce you to all those innate characteristics of your baby, those character traits that are determined by the stars and that will begin to shape their personality.

We tell you what the mayan horoscope and discover your baby's personality.

The Maya are well known for their predictions, their calendars and their prophecies. And it seems that they did it in a fairly exact way, although to this day we do not know how to interpret it correctly in its entirety. But we know of that Mayan astrology that it differs quite a bit from conventional astrology.

In the Mayan horoscope there are 13 signs, instead of the 12 zodiac signs that we are used to. Each sign of the Mayan horoscope corresponds to each of the lunar cycles of the Mayan calendar and is named after a animal that played a fundamental role in Mayan astrology.

1. Lizard. If your baby was born between December 13 and January 9, it corresponds to the moon sign of the Lizard. These babies are characterized by adapt easily to circumstances and for always looking for new concerns.

2. Gorilla. The Gorilla moon or the sign of the Gorilla is for those babies who were born between January 10 and February 6. They are very positive and smiling with a great ease of learning and very curious.

3. Hawk. Babies born from February 7 to March 6 belong to the sign of the Falcon. These babies ruled by the Falcon's moon are usually accompanied by the good luck and they easily achieve success.

4. Jaguar. The Jaguar moon governs babies born from March 7 to April 3. Babies belonging to the sign of the Jaguar show signs of a great independence. They are also very fighters and hardworking.

5. Fox. If your baby was born between April 4 and May 1, it belongs to the sign of Zorro. These babies stand out for their empathy and by a clear disposition to help others.

6. Snake. From May 2 to 29, babies are born under the Serpent's moon. They are babies competitive and fighters who achieve everything they set out to do.

7. Squirrel. Babies born between May 30 and June 26 belong to the sign or moon of the Squirrel. They stand out for their social skills and their gift of people and because they possess the art of persuasion.

8. Turtle. Between June 27 and July 25, babies are born ruled by the Turtle moon, a sign that symbolizes the wisdom. Babies of the Turtle sign are calm and leisurely and their development occurs slowly but very surely.

9. Bat. If your baby was born between July 26 and August 22, it belongs to the Bat's moon, so it will be destined for leadership and to success. Represents the entrepreneurial and impulsive character.

10. Scorpio. Babies born between August 23 and September 19 are ruled by the Scorpio moon. These babies acquire the ability to analysis and reflection and tend to have a critical spirit.

11. Deer. Between September 20 and October 17, the babies that belong to the sign of the Deer are born. They are emotional babies and sensitive with a very large inner world in which they do not hesitate to take refuge.

12. Owl. Those babies born between October 18 and November 14 are ruled by the moon or the sign of the owl. They are babies intuitive who are carried away by the heart and very dreamy.

13. Peacock. If your baby was born between November 15 and December 12, it belongs to the sign of the Peacock. It will certainly be a very charismatic, which will monopolize all the attentions for its wit.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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