When the child has asthma

Pediatricians ask parents for greater awareness of the need to better control their children's asthma, to avoid that this disease, as well as its symptoms and consequences, pose risks to the health of children.

A consultation and a medical diagnosis are important and necessary for the child to receive adequate treatment and thus lead a normal life like other children. Find out what to do when your child has asthma.

Possible asthma treatment becomes necessary when the child:

- Presents a recurring cough, especially at night, and accompanied by wheezing in the chest and shortness of breath;

- You have difficulty breathing and wheezing in the chest during or after practicing physical exercises. About 85 percent of children have this problem;

- It is particularly sensitive to animals, house dust, pollen, mold and tobacco smoke;

- You are predisposed to suffering from asthma due to hereditary factors;

- Presents constant flu and respiratory infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, etc .;

- Presents respiratory disturbance due to sudden changes in temperature, particularly in cold temperatures;

- Shows fast and deep breaths during an emotional response.

In order for asthmatic children to enjoy good health, the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap) recommends that there be cooperation between the patient and their doctor, that the exposure of children to risk factors is identified and reduced ; have asthma assessed, treated and monitored; and who knows how to handle an asthma attack.

In addition, each patient must have a personalized treatment in writing, take the medications prescribed by the doctor, know and avoid the factors that can trigger the asthma attack.

Education about asthma and its treatment should be done at all levels. Parents, for example, must ensure that their children, even those suffering from asthma, lead healthy lives, without being exposed to triggers such as tobacco smoke, etc. If your child is asthmatic and you want to know if his medical condition is under control, there are some situations that can confirm this state:

- The child does not have asthma symptoms such as a cough in the morning, when running or practicing constant physical exercise;

- The child sleeps well without waking up at night;

- The child does not need to use reliever medication such as bronchodilators or others;

- The child does not have any asthma attack or crisis;

- The child can do sports and free time activities, without limitations.

Pediatricians are the only ones who can diagnose asthma. Only he will be able to identify the causes of asthma, that is, if it is the result of an allergy, or reactions to changes in temperature, etc., and determine the appropriate treatment. That is why it is very important to always consult with the doctor when the child presents any symptoms.

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