Pregnancy calendar and calculator

!! Congratulations!! You are pregnant and will soon be a mom. Pregnancy is an exciting time and a great time to learn more about your child's growth and development. We know that there is a lot of information in books, magazines, as well as on the Internet, but do not be overwhelmed, little by little you will discover more and more things about the world of the baby and the little heart that begins to beat within you.

This pregnancy calendar and calculator It will help you to know what happens in each stage of pregnancy and how your baby grows inside your womb.

Being a mother or father is a unique experience that you must be prepared for. It requires a lot of commitment and responsibilities not only with the baby that is on the way or has already been born, but also with the partner and especially with the changes that occur in the body and in the mind of the future mother, due to the action of pregnancy hormones.

To calculate when is you estimated due date One option is to add 280 days from the first day of the last rule or use a formula that consists of adding 7 days and subtracting three months from the date of the last rule. wanted to be present in this special waiting moment, preparing a calculator and pregnancy calendar Through which you can know how your baby is developing week by week in your womb, until the moment of delivery. Live every moment of your pregnancy!

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