The antics of the winds. Story for children about the four winds of the Earth

The antics of the winds. Story for children about the four winds of the Earth

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This is a beautiful story that tells us about the four winds that rule the Earth. Zephyr, Euro, Boreas and Noto, they were tired of a whole course studying, that's why they were eager to do antics. How will this affect children? Is starting the summer and it seems that the north wind does not stop blowing ...

If you want to know how this curious ends children's story about the four winds do not stop reading this article.

The course at the Tower of Winds was coming to an end. And, like every year, the young students of the school were already tired of getting up early and studying, therefore, every day there were more discussions and mischief.

Thus, Zephyr, west wind, which when well behaved brought the gentle breezes of spring and early summer, blew so hard that it made the little flowers shrink cold and make them look very pale colors. For your part, Euro, East wind, which brought the heat, did not want to work and was willing to leave the children without summer.

On the contrary, Boreas, the north wind, which had always been responsible for the cold winter air, and which now had to rest and regain strength for the coming winter, did not stop blowing creating real blizzards that snatched the colorful kites from the little children. I notice, South wind, did not behave better. He had to wait until the end of the summer to bring in the little storms that would start the fall. However, every day it created so much rain that it was even overflowing some rivers.

Also, in this course, the four winds they had studied climate change. For this reason, Céfiro, Euro, Bóreas and Noto were angry with humans, because the latter, with their bad habits of using the car so much, not recycling, using plastic bags ... were creating chaos and making it increasingly difficult the work of the young winds.

Fortunately the holidays. And the bad airs subsided. The four winds decided to give humans a new chance and be good to them. It was then that the four of them joined forces to create soft breezes that allowed children to enjoy the summer without being too hot, playing with their kites on the sand on the beaches or surfing on the waves.

If you want to find out if your child has understood the text, ask them these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Had the winds finished the course?
  • What were the winds called?
  • What season of the year was it now?
  • What wind must be blowing?
  • Why were the winds playing?

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