The sweet badger. Funny poem for kids

The sweet badger. Funny poem for kids

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On our site we are committed to introducing children to the exciting world of reading from an early age. It is not necessary to know how to read to encourage children. We can read them stories, fables or poems like this: The sweet badger so that they will acquire the habit and the taste for reading.

East funny poem for kids It is, in short, a short story in verse that tells the story of a curious badger and, above all, a very sweet tooth.

Found a hive

a sweet badger,

to eat your honey

he thought very joyfully

Put his nose there

to see what happened

while waiting

and licked

Hit again

without showing fear,

threw the hive

and kicked it.

They came out furious

a thousand bees

they went to bite it

behind the ears

But he very sweet

he did not leave there

ate the honey


Learning to read is as important as learning to understand what is read, to help your child acquire this learning you can ask him questions about stories. We propose these for the poem:

  • Who is the protagonist of the poem?
  • What did you like to eat?
  • Where did he put his muzzle?
  • What happened?
  • Did you finally get to eat?

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