Nougat recipes. The most Christmas sweet

Nougat recipes. The most Christmas sweet

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Nougat is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic Christmas desserts, along with Marzipan or the Roscón de Reyes. A perfect sweet for children with a sweet tooth due to its high sugar content, and it has many variants so that you can adapt it to your children's taste.

Remember that children will have to be taught to be patient when making nougat, since it is a dessert that requires several days of rest, so make sure you put it well out of reach.

Nougat of chocolate, guirlache, almonds, honey, truffle, marzipan ... follow the recipes that we have prepared in,so you can prepare one unique homemade nougat tray for Christmas dessert.

Chocolate nougat with hazelnuts. Celebrate holiday traditions with this crispy chocolate nougat recipe. A very special Christmas sweet for children, which they can make at home with this simple recipe.

Marzipan and fruit nougat. With candied fruit and a little liqueur, you will get a totally new and different recipe from the traditional marzipan nougat. our site suggests that you add these delicious candied fruits to the traditional Christmas nougat.

Truffle nougat for children. Children do not always like traditional nougat, hard or soft. For them, this recipe for chocolate nougat may be the ideal solution. On our site we teach you how to make homemade truffle nougat.

Grandma's Jijona nougat. The most traditional and appreciated of the nougat, the one from Jijona. A sweet that you will love to prepare with your children. On our site we tell you how the almond nougat is made in the traditional way.

Nougat of almonds, walnuts and figs. For your traditional almond nougat to have a more original touch, try adding nuts and figs, it will be healthier and they will love it. How to make almond and walnut nougat.

Homemade almond nougat. Very simple recipe for almond nougat, a traditional Christmas sweet that you will enjoy cooking with your children. How to make homemade nougat the easy way.

Marzipan nougat with grapes and plums. Are your kids tired of nougat? Try a different recipe, add grapes and plums to the traditional nougat, you're sure to be right!

Almond and honey nougat. The almond nougat is one of the most traditional at Christmas. This one, with the special flavor of rosemary honey, will become a children's favorite.

Traditional Alicante nougat. The popular 'hard' nougat, this traditional Alicante nougat recipe, is easy to prepare and perfect to celebrate Christmas. On our site we show you how to make hard or almond nougat at Christmas

Sweet guirlache nougat. Guirlache Nougat recipe to celebrate Pilar Day. One of the typical sweets of Aragon, Spain. An excellent nougat made of almonds and toasted sugar, with which children will lick their fingers.

Coconut nougat. Argentine recipe. For all those with a sweet tooth looking for a traditional Argentine dessert for this Christmas, our site brings the recipe for coconut nougat. We guarantee that children will enjoy it.

Almond nougat with lemon. Nougat is the most traditional Christmas sweet. Almond nougat with a touch of lemon that your children will love. We give you the recipe to make it.

Spain is the world's leading producer of nougat, as well as marzipan, and other Christmas sweets. The nougat sector in Spain exports this rich sweet to many countries in the world, including the Far East and Japan.

The story goes that the origin of nougat is located in the Arabian peninsula, in a treatise written by an Arab doctor in the 11th century, referred to as 'turun'. It was brought by the Arabs to the shores of the Mediterranean, to Spain and Italy. The Spanish version of nougat was born in the province of Alicante in the 15th century, where it became very famous. In Badajoz there has been a tradition of nougat, which is why they maintain a Nougat Museum.

In the 16th century, the nougat is mentioned in the Sevillian literature of Lope de Rueda, and in Alicante it is known that during the Christmas holidays, wages were paid, part in money and part in arroba of nougat. Over time, this sweet was used for other celebrations although it was always more traditional at Christmas.

The first recipe to make nougat came from the anonymous Manual de Mujeres, in the 16th century. The custom of drinking nougat at Christmas was widespread throughout Spain in the 16th century. During the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, nougat was manufactured not only in Jijona, but also in the city of Alicante.

In the province of Valencia, in 1881, with the arrival of the production of dumplings to the Valencian town of Casinos, the artisanal production of nougat began, first in its yolk varieties, toast yolk, soft and hard almond, marzipan or guirlache. Today, Casinos is the main point of reference for artisan production in the province of Valencia for its famous dumplings and nougat.

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