What your child will be when he grows up

What your child will be when he grows up

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Have you ever asked your child what he wants to be when he grows up? Many children have it clear since they are very young: astronaut, soccer player, singer, policeman, firefighter ... However, not all of them will be what they want. The vast majority will end up working on something very different.

A study prepared by the University Carlos III of Madrid and the London School of Economics has come to this conclusion: only 6% of children will be what they dream of being. And the rest?

When I was little, I wanted to be a writer. I had so much imagination that I couldn't find a better way to share my stories. As I have always been very stubborn, at least I managed to be a journalist. But many children who shared my dream stayed on the same path. Why?

Sometimes we confuse dreams with admiration. I admired the nurses, because they cured people. For a time I wanted to be a doctor. He also admired the dancers, for the beauty of their movements. So I also wanted to be a dancer. But it was not my calling, it was simply admiration.

If you ask your child what he wants to be, maybe he will answer you with a profession that he likes: he admires a footballer and wants to be like him, or he loves the latest series of children who sing and would like to be like them. But each one is born with a gift. It may be the same as the person you admire or it may not. That this gift becomes your dream, it is the key to success.

According to this study on the professional dreams of children, the self-esteem of children is decisive when choosing what they want to be. Girls are generally more ambitious, and if they are brought up alongside highly educated parents, they will aspire to managerial positions. Children with high self-esteem, leave more of the masculine role and do not mind aspiring to a job 'socially' identified with women.

Self-esteem is essential when it comes to getting the job our children dream of. Self-esteem, perseverance, work ... The only way to get what you want is by believing you are yourself.

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