The rabbit and the tiger. Fable of Venezuela for children

The rabbit and the tiger. Fable of Venezuela for children

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Fables transmit to children a series of essential values and help them in their social and individual learning. They all include a moral that we can reflect on with them.

In this case, 'The Rabbit and the Tiger' explains to children the importance of using cunning and the intelligence to get out of a problem or resolve a conflict. Discover this beautiful fable popular from Venezuela with your son.

Some day, a small and docile rabbit was resting in a meadow when suddenly a huge tiger jumped on him, without his being aware of it.

The scared rabbit could only shout:

- Don't eat me, tiger!

The tiger was surprised, and said:

- Rabbit, I've been watching you for days, patiently waiting to choose the best moment. I'm hungry, and I'm going to eat you.

The rabbit, far from giving up, and still knowing that he was in good trouble, tried the following:

- Tigre, haven't you seen me? I'm very thin! If you eat me, I will hardly serve you as an aperitif. Instead, I own a herd of very large and appetizing cows. Its meat is very tasty. If you spare my life, I'll give you one and you will thus have food for several days.

The tiger then reconsidered. What if it were true? A cow would solve her problem of hunting for food for several days.

- Is it true what you tell me, rabbit? Won't you be fooling me?

- No, no, Mr. Tiger. I would not dare to deceive you. My cows are at the top of that slope - said the rabbit pointing to the top of a nearby hill - If you want, we can go there and I will show you.

The tiger and the rabbit headed for the hill. When they were near the top, the tiger saw brownish lumps in the distance. The rabbit stopped and said:

- There they are, there they are! I will go up so that they come down. Wait here, tiger, and the cow will run down the slope. As soon as you have her close, catch her.

The tiger liked the idea of ​​not having to climb the rest of the hill, as he was already tired enough.

- Okay, rabbit, I'll wait here for the cow. Be careful with fooling me, I'll be watching you.

The rabbit climbed to the top of the hill. But the lumps that the tiger believed to be cows, they were actually huge stones. The rabbit, with the help of a branch and as a lever, managed to roll one of the huge stones and shouted:

- Vaaaa cow! Catch her, tiger!

The tiger, dazzled by the sun shining on the top of the hill, could only see an approaching lump, and when he finally realized that it was actually a stone, it was too late. I already had it on! He started to run. but the stone passed over him. He was so bruised that as soon as he could he ran away, scared, never to return.

Moral: Appearances can be deceiving. Do not judge anyone by their size, but by their cunning and intelligence.

With the help of this fable, you can reflect with your child on the importance of using intelligence and calm to solve problems. You can also explain why we should never judge anyone on their appearance. We help you with these questions:

- Why did the tiger want to eat the rabbit?

- What did the rabbit promise you in exchange for setting him free?

- What were the lumps that the tiger saw at the top of the hill?

- Did the rabbit finally get free of the tiger?

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