8 advantages of a planned pregnancy

8 advantages of a planned pregnancy

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When a child comes as a surprise to a couple or a family, it is a joy. However, it also 'dislodges' for a few moments the course of the life of the future parents, who have to adapt more quickly to the surprise pregnancy.

Therefore, although the surprise pregnancy has an endearing background, it is also beautiful and beneficial planning a pregnancy, and will bring more peace of mind to parents.

1. Family situation: When a pregnancy is planned, among other advantages, it is achieved that the family unit remains together and it is known which place each member of the family has. This means that if they have more children, they have time to get used to the idea of ​​the arrival of the new brother, for all the family members be aware of the change ahead, and to start family planning from scratch with the arrival of a new member in the household.

2. Location: If we live as a couple or if we have more children and we want to increase the family, having a child can make us consider a change of address to have more space. This will only be possible if we have planned pregnancy, which will give us time to look for another house, to decorate the new baby's room or to relocate the areas of our home for the arrival of the new member when it is decided to start looking for the much desired child.

3. In couple: We must not forget that two people who want to have a baby do not stop being a couple, so their arrival can destabilize the union. The couple need not be destabilized by the arrival of a son, whether by surprise or planned, but if both agree at a given moment when it comes to Be parents for the first time or to increase the number of children, this will not catch father and mother off guard as a couple, and the union will be greater when making other decisions when the child is born.

Besides, the implication of both will be greater and the preparation and responsibility will increase if the pregnancy has been sought.

4. Employment situation: In the field of work, it is also necessary to have planning before increasing the family. To begin with, by the fact organization of tasks with superiors, to have the necessary replacement time with another person to take over the tasks, in case they are looking for other career goals before becoming a mother, or in case it is not the time to take maternity leave or reduced work hours.

5. Health issues: Beyond aesthetic issues, the important thing about a woman's body before assuming a pregnancy is health. Therefore, planning a pregnancy is of great benefit in this area, since the future mother will be able to do all the necessary medical tests to find out when is the best time to conceive and the risks involved.

6. Physical training: A pregnancy is a long-distance race, and the better a woman's body is before conceiving, the better it will be during pregnancy and after delivery. It is not about preparing ourselves as if we were athletes, but it is about preparing our bodies at a physical level in the best conditions, since that way we will be strong to face the body changes that are coming and once the baby is born, everything will return 'to its place' in a much easier way.

7. Mental preparation:But if there is something important before having a child, whatever the time in life and regardless of age, it is the fact that you have to be very safe mentally and emotionally.

Emotional balance is essential to bring a desired child into the world, even if it was conceived by surprise. Therefore, if we are facing a pregnancy that we want to plan, we must know if we are in the ideal psychological conditions to increase the family, which will be very beneficial.

8. Economic situation: The arrival of a child constitutes a economic shock important. The advantage that it comes at the moment we decide is that we can be prepared to solve the economic changes that we need. In this way, whether it is the first or the second child, or if we become a large family, it will be necessary to do expense calculations that are coming to decide when is the best time.

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