Menu for pregnant women. Week 26

A healthy, balanced and complete diet can not only guarantee the health of the mother and the baby during pregnancy, but also alleviate some symptoms of discomfort typical of that stage of pregnancy.

During week 26 of pregnancy, future moms do a test known as the O'Sullivan Test or oral glucose tolerance test, which is used to detect Gestational Diabetes. If this is the case, there is no reason to be alarmed. Diet controls blood sugar in 85% of women with gestational diabetes.

During the 26th week of pregnancy you can experience a remarkable growth of the belly. Its weight can cause back pain and even itchy skin that is stretching. They are normal discomforts for that stage of pregnancy. It will also be noted that the baby moves more in the womb, and that the pregnant woman has more difficulty falling asleep.

However, there is nothing that a good diet can control and alleviate. Considering these discomforts, as well as possible gestational diabetes, the nutritionist Cristina Abascal, has developed for readers of, a menu indicated and oriented to the 26th week of pregnancy. We hope you like it!

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