What should children with gastroenteritis or diarrhea eat?

The gastroenteritis or diarrhea They are tremendously uncomfortable and unpleasant and, although they are not usually serious and are usually overcome in about a week without the need for medication, diet is key to recovery. What should children with gastroenteritis or diarrhea eat?

The gastroenteritis is, unfortunately, one of the most common diseases in children. It can be caused by both viruses and bacteria, which the child can contract from the environment or from the consumption of spoiled food - food poisoning.

Given the loss of fluids and electrolytes that occurs with vomiting, and especially with diarrhea, common symptoms of gastroenteritis, dehydration It is the main concern of parents when their children suffer from this disease.

In addition, and since the gastrointestinal tract is the most affected organ, gastroenteritis is accompanied by a loss of appetite and a refusal to eat that often alarms parents quite a bit.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle diet that will help children overcome gastroenteritis, not even to speed up their recovery, so basically, we must trust their body and their appetite, and wait for it to reappear. Even so, we give you some tips so that the child gradually improves and assimilates food:

1. It is vital not to neglect water intake, the only requirement during the infectious process. If the child refuses to drink water - small but frequent sips - we can offer other drinks. At this moment the important thing is keep the child hydrated.

2. It is important that the child has something to eat within reach, or that we offer it to you frequently. If he is lacking in appetite, it is unlikely that it will come out of him to ask for it, and if he does not have it on hand, we can lose a valuable opportunity to eat something, no matter how small.

3. The yogurts are ideal to help the intestinal microflora recover, damaged by the infectious process, and tremendously important for the immune system to function perfectly.

4. Milk is not recommended in gastroenteritis, due to its lactose content, since it is especially attractive to microorganisms that cause infections. However, yogurt - or cheese - does not contain lactose, increasing its appeal at this time.

5. Must avoid any food high in fat or any cooking method that involves a contribution of extra fat, such as frying.

6. Neither eating very sweet or salty foods or drinks and those that are characterized by their laxative power, such as plums.

7. It is convenient offer foods rich in complex carbohydrates, like bread, pasta, or rice, preferably without a lot of added sauces. These foods are easy to digest and provide energy to the body that is easily usable by all organs.

8. Meat, fish, and eggs should not be avoided. If the child demands them, it is usually because his body is ready to eat them.

The most recommended foods to offer the child, both during gastroenteritis as when recovering, they are those that you like the most, since they will be more palatable. However, your rhythm should always be respected, without worrying excessively if you do not eat for a few days. It is completely normal due to the infectious process!

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