7 wonderful qualities of babies born in an even year

7 wonderful qualities of babies born in an even year

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When we dream of being parents we begin to create in our imaginary what our baby will be like. We think about his name, what he will need, what we are going to be able to give him and, even, we project on him a character based on the 'I hope': I hope he is happy, I hope he is good, I hope he is obedient ... And the day comes in which our dream becomes reality. And reality makes us be cautious and just ask that our son be happy and healthy.

But, what if we try to refine and know the predisposition of his character to know which values ​​we must promote and which ones to work more on him or her? Astrology, numerology and years of experience propose a series of wonderfulqualities of babies born in an even year. Do you want to know which ones?

There is no child equal to another. We are all different and of course, your child will always be unique and special. But the date on which he is born will be decisive in his life because he will live a certain social, economic and political context, and will belong to one generation and not another, which will give him some labels with which he will have to learn to live.

It will not only be decisive to know the world where it will have to develop, but your date of birth will affect your health, emotions and feelings. And all this, because the stars and the numbers under which it is born will give it its own values. If your child was born or will be born in an even year, take note of these common characteristics with the other children of his year.

1. They are lovers of Mother Earth
The little ones born in an even year feel a strong connection to the earth. Therefore, if you are still looking for a name for your little one, it may be a good idea to be inspired by those offered by nature to complete the circle and help their symbiosis.

Not only are they lovers, but they also lead by example. Thus, in them we will have authentic protectors of the environment with a great concern for the planet that will lead them to take action. And, your little one will seek to improve the world in which he lives.

2. Furthermore, they are committed and generous
These kids are not at all given to navel gazing. They like to help and will always look after the common good more than their own. All this, thanks to the fact that they are not given to neglect those who have less. Solidarity and volunteering could well end up in your child's slogan.

3. Realism and pragmatism is his thing
Even-year-old babies don't like wasting time or beating around the bush. It will be a child who focuses on carrying out concrete actions or achieving clearly useful objectives and with a more or less immediate effort. For this reason, we will have to teach him to also enjoy the process of his actions, not only the result, since he can end up frustrated.

4. They are children who avoid changes
They like to have the situation under control. For this reason, the steps they end up taking are usually well studied. They are not afraid of routine, because in it they find stability and security. However, their desire to improve the world around them helps them sign up for any adventure. Of course, without losing sight of the risks to minimize them.

5. They are moon children
Even years are considered by the science of numerology as lunar years. And thanks to this star, our little ones will have a great memory and imagination. The moon gives birth to introspective children who will break their shells to take care of their neighbor.

6. The pair is feminine
Already in the classical world, philosophers and astrologers associated even numbers with the female world, since they had to give 1 masculinity for being the first (yes, the roots of machismo are very deep and ancient). And these theories are still valid today for pseudoscience experts. Thus, the little ones who are born in even years, thanks to their feminine influence, will be creators and will have the ability to generate life.

7. They are magnetic children
Unlike babies that arrive in the world in an odd year and are electric and are governed by impulses, the little ones born in an even year will be characterized by the static, by the magnetic. What they like the most is what anchors their feet well on the ground.

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