Try the Kumon method with your children at home and let it work

Try the Kumon method with your children at home and let it work

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You have probably heard of the Kumon method, true? It is a strategy or methodology developed by the Japanese Tōru Kumon whose main objective is to teach children or adults to learn mathematics by their own means. For this, the resolution of exercise booklets is proposed, which gradually become more complex, until the person reaches an advanced level of skill.

Many parents try to practice this technique at home to help their children learn math. However, they often fail because they don't know how to do it for it to be effective. That is why below I am going to propose some tips to carry out the Kumon method at home and that it really works with children.

It is fun when you decide to do your physical exercises at home. We do not hesitate to arrange the living room or the living room, to change the whole order, to be able to exercise accordingly. It is the same if, as parents, we make the determination to take a family trip. It is not enough just to raise the wish, but we elaborate a whole planning not only to get to the destination, but to be able to enjoy it accordingly.

You see, one has a goal and turns or changes the home so that goal can be achieved. The same thing happens when we want our children to be able to achieve some goal. Like dad turns our whole world so that our offspring can grow and form accordingly. It is precisely what I want to raise. How can we as a family collaborate so that one of our members can learn a strategy that allows them to learn.

The tool we are talking about is, of course, the Kumon method. Our intention is to point out some strategies that can be used at home, so that it is not only a task that allows developing mathematical skills, but also a family project or purpose.

Let's see the 5 tips that the Kumon methodology proposes.

1. Establish a routine
That is, establish a work schedule and a fixed place to do the exercises. We must choose a time of their day according to the routines of our children taking into account what a normal day is like at home. That means evaluating how your mornings are, if you can work after breakfast, when you return from school to leave a space of twenty or thirty minutes of work ...

2. Lead by example
While your children are working, take advantage of the time to do household chores or work duties and, in this way, set an example. The idea is to be there and accompany them while they work, because they realize that we parents also have tasks to fulfill. To further reinforce this concept, if your children are cared for by a person, they must also have the freedom to do their earrings at the same time as your children.

3. Manage priorities
As the days go by, we all find it increasingly difficult to keep to the schedule for various reasons. These long-term goals allow your children to reflect on their own management, to weigh their priorities, to see the need to generate planning more in line with who I am as a person.

Accompany them so that they can discover an order of priorities in their activities. That to meet the objectives, you have to motivate yourself and strengthen your will; because this is the only way to maintain a rhythm and determine which activities allow me to train in my goal.

4. Celebrate successes
Positive reinforcement, even if it is small, has such a great effect on children - and adults - that it helps maintain motivation. Praising him for doing Kumon's homework, congratulating him for completing the daily challenge, or highlighting his consistency keeps energy up and his self-esteem remains strong and permanent.

5. Be systematic
Keep up, keep an eye on and remember schedules, review deadlines, and evaluate your results. If I am not present, let the person who cares for my child know the objectives and keep the accompaniment. That is, keep up the pace and do not decline in the methodology.

As you can see, just like exercising or taking a trip, these same strategies must be used for this methodology. The important thing is that they have to be well managed wisely, without harassing, so that this same system and perseverance bear fruit and allow children to achieve their goal of learning mathematics.

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