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Meaning of the name Daniel. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Daniel. Name for boys

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The name of Daniel has always captivated you, that's why you have it on your list of favorites for when your baby is born. But since you know that the name you choose for your offspring is very important because it will accompany him for the rest of his life, in addition to seeing how it combines with your surnames and with those of your husband and to investigate if they exist among your family and circle of friends many children named like that, you wanted to know the history, origin and meaning of Daniel. Here is the information you are looking for!

Daniel, son of Jacob and Raquel, is one of the greatest prophets, highly valued in his time for his wisdom, for his gift for interpreting dreams and for his exemplary actions in favor of just causes. His story is famous because he was twice condemned to die by lions. Of Hebrew origin and coming from the word Dan, Daniel means 'judge or justice of God'.

You like Daniel, but your partner is thinking of another name, so to keep you both happy, you are considering the possibility of a compound name. What are the best combinations for one of the most popular names in the world?

  • Daniel Alberto. Of Germanic origin, this masculine name means of brilliant nobility.
  • Daniel Antonio. It is a Spanish, Italian and masculine name that derives from Antonius or the brave.
  • Daniel Moses. It comes from the Hebrew and means 'the one who is saved'.
  • Daniel Sebastian. Honor and reverence are the two meanings of this masculine name of Greek origin.
  • Daniel Esteban. It means victorious and is related to children who are usually very lucky in life.
  • Daniel Alejandro. This second name means 'the one who protects man' or 'the protector'.

July 21 is the great day for children named Daniel, as they celebrate their saint in the name of Daniel, the prophet, a responsible and courageous young man who confronted the heads of government to defend an injustice that was going to be committed against a woman. Other dates on which Daniel can celebrate his birthday:

  • January 3.
  • February 16th.
  • July 10th.
  • October 10th.
  • October 19.
  • November 6th.
  • December 11.

If there is a famous character who has given world fame, even if it is not entirely good, this name has undoubtedly been Daniel, the mischievous, born from a comic strip created by Hank Ketcham that narrated the adventures of a little boy who always got into trouble.

Over the last few years, Daniel's name has crept into the world of sports, movies, literature and has reached the magical world of Hogwarts.

  • Daniel Defoe, English writer (1660).
  • Dan Brown, author of 'The Da Vinci Code' (1964).
  • Dani Pedrosa, motorcycle racer (1985).
  • Dani Martín, Spanish singer and actor, leader of "El canto del loco" (1977).
  • Daniel Calpasoro, Spanish film director (1968).
  • Daniel Radcliffe, protagonists of Harry Potter (1989).

Daniel has his female version, Daniela, but he also has a variant, Danillo. And the possibilities of this name do not end here, because it admits a multitude of affectionate names (Dan, Dani, Danielito) and more than 25 translations into other languages. Do you want to know some?

  • Daniel in Hebrew: Daniyyel / Dāniyyêl.
  • Daniel in German, English and French: Daniel
  • Daniel in Arabic: Dāniyāl
  • Daniel in Armenian: Daniel
  • Daniel in Breton: Deniel
  • Daniel in Bulgarian: Danail
  • Daniel in Czech and Slovak: Daniel
  • Daniel in Croatian: Danjiel
  • Daniel in Finnish: Daniel, Taneli
  • Daniel in Welsh: Deiniol
  • Daniel in Japanese: Daniel
  • Daniel in Italian: Daniele
  • Daniel in Turkish: Danyal
  • Daniel in Basque: Danel
  • Daniel in Syriac: Daniyel
  • Daniel in Swedish: Daniel
  • Daniel in Serbian: Danilo
  • Daniel in Portuguese: Daniel
  • Daniel in Russian: Daniil
  • Daniel in Romanian: Daniel
  • Daniel the Lithuanian: Danielius
  • Daniel in Persian: Dāniyāl / Danial
  • Daniel in Sardinian: Danièli
  • Daniel in Dutch: Daniël
  • Daniel in Icelandic: Daníel
  • Daniel in Hungarian: Daniél
  • Daniel in Greek: Deiniol

Daniel's number is 9, obtained by adding the value of each of its letters D (4) + A (1) + N (5) + I (9) + E (5) + L (3). A digit that is key for parents to know a little more about the character and personality of their child. We analyze the good and the bad that Daniel hides!

- Positive traits
They are quite confident children, in part because they are very intelligent and always stand out from the crowd. This characteristic also makes them highly admired by their peers and makes them leaders of any social group. Other characteristics to stand out in them are their generosity, joy.

- Negative traits
Sometimes their ability to be the visible head of a group causes them to become a bit arrogant and not listen to the opinions of others. Also derived from his leadership is his inability to accept opinions contrary to his. Daddies, you are going to have to work on these aspects with your son!

Just as there are names like Lucía who have a song written for them, others like Daniel's have a musical theme by the author Elton Johan and a story of their own. Do you know the story of Daniel and the magic words?

It is a beautiful story for children that shows the importance of being kind and pleasant with others, since through this behavior better relationships are achieved and, also, bonds with family and friends are strengthened.

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