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Meaning of the name Pablo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Pablo. Name for boys

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All the children's names they keep something that makes them special and unique, but there are some that, due to fashions or traditions, become the favorites of parents, and they gain strength over time. Pablo is one of them, and it is that year after year he appears in the rankings of the most popular names in Spain, Mexico, Colombia or Venezuela, but also in non-Spanish speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom or France. If Pablo is also in your top of favorite names, perhaps you should know more details about this common nickname: the history, the famous people who wear this name, their numerology, when to celebrate their birthday ...

Of Latin origin, Pablo's name means 'small or weak man', hence he relates to very persistent and rather discreet and shy people.

Saint Paul of Tarsus was one of the most active apostles of Jesus. Some versions say that Saint Paul changed his original name, Saul of Tarsus, when he converted to Christianity, although other versions say that this was his Roman name. He dedicated his life to preaching Christianity to the underprivileged.

Until arriving at its present presentation, Pablo, this name has undergone some variations. Initially it was Paulus, who, when he was Hispanized, became Pablos until finally the last consonant was removed.

Without a doubt, for any child, bearing this name is an honor, and if at any time you travel with your little one to Italy, you cannot miss visiting St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, because, in honor of Pablo Tarso, you will find outside a sculpture.

Another anecdote or curiosity about this name goes back to Roman times, and it is that there was a very loved and respected family in which many of its members carried Paulo's man.

The children called Pablo celebrate their birthday on June 29 and share the limelight with Pedro. This date was chosen (although you can see others below), according to tradition, because it was the day when the apostles Paul of Tarsus and Simon Peter were nuanced. It is one of the biggest holidays for Catholic and Orthodox Christians. Other days throughout the year that refer to the saint of Paul are:

  • January 15
  • January 25
  • February 6th
  • 28th of April
  • June 26th
  • October 19

Practically all of Europe plus part of the Eastern countries have wanted to make this name their own and have versioned it in their own language. Guess how many acceptances it has? You will be missing fingers on your hands!

  • Pablo in Albanian: Pal, Pali, Pavli
  • Paul in Genoese: Pòulo
  • Pablo in Galician: Paulao
  • Pablo in Catalan: Pau, Pol
  • Paul in French: Paul
  • Pablo in Italian: Paolo
  • Pablo in Portuguese: Paulo
  • Paul in Esperanto: Paĉjo, Paŭlo
  • Pablo in Hungarian: Pál
  • Paul in English: Paul, Paulie
  • Pablo in Irish: Pól
  • Paul in German: Paul
  • Pablo in Dutch: Paulus, Paul, Pauwel
  • Pablo in Slovenian: Pavel
  • Paul in Latvian: Pāvils
  • Pablo in Basque: Paul
  • Paul in Belarusian: Павел (Pawel), Паўлюк (Pauluk)
  • Pablo in Arabic: Boulos, Bulus
  • Pablo in Estonian: Paavo
  • Pablo in Ukrainian: Pavlo
  • Pablo in Occitan: Pau
  • Pablo in Corsican: Paulu
  • Pablo in Georgian: ფავლე (Pavle)
  • Pablo in Valencian: Pau
  • Paul in Romanian: Paul
  • Pablo in Icelandic: Páll
  • Paul in Armenian: Պողոս (Boghos, Poghos)
  • Pablo in Macedonian: Pavel, Pavle
  • Paul in Maori: Paora
  • Pablo in Basque: Paul
  • Pablo in Sicilian: Paulu
  • Pablo in Aragonese: Paúl, Paulo, Pavlo
  • Pablo in Danish: Poul, Pouel, Paul, Palle
  • Paul in Norwegian: Paul or Pål
  • Pablo in Swedish: Paul or Pål
  • Pablo in Russian: Павел (Pavel), Pasha
  • Pablo in chevo: Pavel
  • Pablo in Serbian: Павле (Pavle)
  • Pablo in Croatian: Pavao, Pavle, Pavo
  • Pablo in Welsh: Pawl
  • Pablo in Polish: Paweł
  • Pablo in Slovak: Pavol
  • Pablo in Finnish: Paavo, Paavali, Pauli
  • Paul in Latin: Paulus, Paulos
  • Paul in Maltese: Pawlu
  • Paul in Greek: Παύλος (Pavlos)
  • Pablo in Lithuanian: Paulius, Povilas
  • Pablo in Bulgarian: Pavel
  • Paul in Breton: Paol

Being such a popular name, there are many combinations that support, both in front and behind. In We have highlighted some of them, but, everything has been said, Pablo hits almost any name (not his feminine, Paula).

  • Juan Pablo. A name with a lot of symbolism for Christians because it corresponds to the 264 Pope of the Catholic Church between 1978 and 2005, John Paul II.
  • Pablo Jose. Undoubtedly one of the combinations preferred by many parents as they are two very popular names.
  • Pablo Gabriel. This second name means 'outside of God' or 'man of God'.
  • Pablo Andres. Of Greek origin, Andrés means brave, strong and virile man.
  • Pablo Agustin. He who is venerated is the meaning of this second name that perfectly matches that of Paul.
  • Pablo Alexander. Anglo-Saxon variant of Alexander, means the protector of men. Will your little one be like this?
  • Pablo David. Coming directly from Hebrew, David, another of the most requested names in recent years, means 'the person chosen by the Lord'.

Since your little one was in your tummy, you imagined what his mouth, his eyes, his hair, his little body would be like ... And now that he is by your side, you think about what his personality will be like as he grows! Did you know that numerology can he give you clues about what his character will be like? Here we anticipate some of the features that will predominate in it?

- Good features
They are happy people, who are always with a smile on their face and, one could say, they are the most positive. Their energy and drive lead them to fight for what they want and never give up.

- Bad features
This force that they put into everything they do can play a trick on them, and that is that when things don't go the way they want they are continually complaining and do not accept any kind of advice and help.

[Read +: The numerology of baby names]

Just take a look at the list of famous people from all walks of life and cultures who wear this name proud to finish understanding why it is one of the favorites worldwide.

  • Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet (1904).
  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Spanish painter (1881).
  • Pablo Iglesias, Spanish politician (1850).
  • Paul Cézanne, French painter (1839).
  • Paul Newman, American film actor (1925).
  • Paul McCartney, British musician (1942).
  • Paolo Rossi, Italian footballer (1956).
  • Pau Gasol, Spanish basketball player (1980).
  • Pau Casals, Spanish cellist (1876).
  • Pablo Alboran, Spanish singer (1989).
  • Pablo Motos, Spanish presenter (1965).

From what we have seen above, Pablo is a child with character and a nonconformist, but he does not have to be a protesting child, although if he is this story he will love it and, above all, it will help you all a lot. This attitude that he maintains towards life makes him angry all day and does not allow him to see the amount of good things that are around him, because he is unable to think positively.

If you want your little one to change his attitude, don't stop telling him the story of 'Pablo protests and protests'. You will understand it quickly and without giving many explanations, and it is that reading has a magical power on the little ones in the house, even on those who complain about everything! Test it!

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