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Abu Elisa and Lisa's privacy. Funny story with rhyme for children

Abu Elisa and Lisa's privacy. Funny story with rhyme for children

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What if you read a rhyming story to your children or students? What do you think their reaction would be when faced with many words that rhyme with each other? Do the test! We propose the story 'Abu Elisa and the intimacy of Lisa'. It proposes a funny but everyday situation with which the children will not be able to avoid laughing. And so, between laughter and laughter, between rhyme and rhyme, we managed to bring them closer to the world of poetry. Enjoy it a lot!

Grandma Elisa, a great poet, entered without knocking and died of laughter when she heard Lisa say indecisively:

- Next time, before moving on, call abu Elisa I'm shirtless

Grandma Elisa, also a fortune teller, vehemently said to her granddaughter Lisa:

- I'm your grandmother, Lisa: I'm your grandmother Elisa! - and covered his mouth dead with laughter.

Suddenly Lisa, with a smile, changed her attitude: It's your grandmother Elisa!

He dressed slowly, without haste. Then he offered her a lemon verbena.

- As there is trust, make the infusion yourself; It is on the shelf of the sideboard, and by the way, cook and iron that shirt - Lisa said to her grandmother Elisa, concise and precise, as she lay down like a priestess.

Abu Elisa, now she was in a hurry, and ran away while she thought about what happened laughing. His granddaughter Lisa was right and I had given him a great lesson: for another time before passing you must call. Like the others, what Lisa asks is privacy.

In addition to being a fun hobby, reading stories can help your children work on skills such as reading comprehension. Here we propose some true or false questions With which you will know if your little ones have paid enough attention to the story.

1. Lisa's grandmother is called Carmen.

2. Grandma entered Lisa's room without knocking on the door.

3. Grandma Elisa learned her lesson: she has to give her granddaughter privacy.

Once you have read this story, you can encourage your children or students to create their own story in verse. It is a complicated task, but very stimulating, since children will have to strain their minds and imaginations to come up with so many words that rhyme.

To make it a more fun activity, you can form groups and draw the rhyme that each of them should use. On small pieces of paper, write simple endings like -ía or -ón. Without looking, each group should take one of these pieces of paper with which to create their story.

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And if you want to continue enjoying the stories in verse, keep browsing!

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