Gifts to teachers seen through the eyes of a teacher

Gifts to teachers seen through the eyes of a teacher

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In the final stretch of the course, the teachers go head first with the final evaluations, preparing the end-of-year festivals, the last excursions, minutes, reports, delivery of notes, tutorials with families ... A few totally epic weeks that are almost lived like a real adventure. ¿Have you thought about giving gifts to your children's teachers? This is my opinion as a teacher of these typical end-of-year gifts.

It is not uncommon to see, at this time, a number of online stores that advertise infinity of details, each one more beautiful and original, to give to the teachers who have been during a school year accompanying our sons and daughters in their day to day at school. From watches to personalized jewelery, albums with compilations of great moments, ideas for cards, clothes, personalized school supplies ... And all this with the idea of ​​thanking, on many occasions, whom we have considered the best teacher.

A teacher's day does not end when he leaves school, no; like that of an athlete does not end when their competition ends. A teacher is trained at the end of his workday, looks for material for his classroom on a Saturday afternoon, attends an educational conference on Sunday morning, puts notes after dinner, prepares a meeting for parents in his time of rest, give more affection than what your contract says and listen more than what your agreement asks for ... And that is what I appreciate, that EXTRA so great that they do to turn their profession into EXTRA-ordinary. And it is that teachers, the vast majority of them, we are like that.

And how is all this appreciated? The truth is that I think it is difficult to choose the 'how' to thank each effort that we make, that we do ... But yes I am in favor of thanking, and that our sons and daughters are participants in that gratitude, so they live the value with us.

In addition, if the group of mothers and fathers in the class agrees, not only is it more beautiful, but in the same way we are also teaching that to our sons and daughters. Would a handcrafted card work? Of course it is! The teachers did not measure the gift, nor do we assess whether there is one or not, we already have our gift every day with them. Being a teacher, being a teacher, is one of the most beautiful professions in the world… that's it, the rest is an added bonus.

As a mother, I thank, and whenever I have the opportunity to thank, whatever the context, I will. I choose to live from gratitude and not from complaint. And I want my daughter to learn it that way, living it.

I encourage you to reflect on it, mothers and fathers, and with all the freedom in the world, of course act. It is an issue that sometimes generates conflict, and I understand it, of course it does, but of course behind it, if we want, we can obtain great lessons.

As I said before, teachers also love handmade gifts. And below you will find some ideas from our site

1. Pot with the students' photos
This is a good gift in which the whole class will have to cooperate by contributing a photo. This gift does not have much monetary value, but it does have great sentimental value. We tell you how to create this beautiful memory for your teacher.

2. A pencil holder made of popsicle sticks
If there is something that can be useful and practical for teachers, who sometimes have all pencils and pens a bit messy, it is a pencil holder. What if you make it from recycled materials like ice cream sticks?

3. Home tablet sleeve
Teachers will surely make the most of a tablet case, especially if it is personalized and adapted to their tastes. It's very easy to do.

4. Glasses case made of felt
And if your teacher wears glasses, they will surely appreciate having an extra case to store the glasses. And if it is made by your dear students, all the better.

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