14 fun beach games to do with kids in summer

14 fun beach games to do with kids in summer

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The holidays are coming and we are already thinking about the rest days that we will spend lying in the hammock on the beach, with our soda with lots of ice next to it and devouring the pages of a best-seller. What sounds ideal? But since we are already seasoned parents, we know that it will not be like that and that our children will ask us every second 'what are we playing?'. So you don't run out of answers, here they go14 fun beach games to do with kids this summer.

My daughters are more at swimming in the pool than in the sea, and their father and I are quite the opposite, so we have had to put our wits to work so that going down to the beach is a moment desired by all (good for them) . And this is how we have our particular list of beach games in which we all participate and have fun. If it also happens to you like me, try these playful and educational activities. Promised they work!

1. The Hangman Game
Do you remember this classic game that you used to do during school breaks? It can be a good alternative to do with your little ones. Choose an area of ​​wet land. One of you will think a word, write the gaps and the rest of you have to guess. As you make mistakes, the other will draw a hanged doll. Who will win?

2. Reviewing the letters
This proposal is indicated for children who during this course have begun to identify consonants and vowels. Let him on the sand and with only the help of his finger, write whatever comes to mind and then say aloud words that begin or end with that letter. Learning has never been so much fun!

3. In search of the lost shell
The most explorers will find in this game their great incentive to stay all morning and all afternoon on the beach. Grab a bucket and scour the shore in search of stones or shells. On the one hand, the objective is to take many, but on the other, to find the ones that are in the best condition and then paint them.

4. The game of water shovels renewed
A classic within the classics, but to make it more fun we suggest that instead of doing it as if it were a tennis match, what you have to do is, on the one hand, make the maximum number of rebounds on the blade with the ball or, also, leave the ball still on the paddle and travel part of the beach without falling. Do you dare?

5. Sand castles
And in this compilation of beach games could not miss the construction of sand castles, or rather, of great fortresses. And there has to be a castle, a bridge, a river ...

6. Under the sand
This activity is preferred by children and, perhaps, the most hated by parents, because adults are usually the ones chosen to be buried, while the little ones have fun making us practically disappear under the sand.

7. Beach volleyball
Another proposal for the most sporty is beach volleyball. Being an exercise where the arms take on special prominence and that takes place in the sand, a surface that hinders mobility, it usually costs them a little and they get tired quickly, but to spend a while it can be entertaining.

8. The insatiable well
This is how we have baptized this activity at home, which consists of digging a hole as deep as possible and trying to carry it with water. To do this, we will be as close to the shore as possible and we will take all the buckets we have to fulfill our mission. To her!

9. The magic treasure
Every day, one of you will take a small object from home and when you get to the beach you will have to hide it. Giving certain clues, for example, cold or hot, the rest will have a limited time (you set it) to find it. Ready?

10. Board games in the sand
We do not want to burden you with more things, so we suggest that you improvise the game of 'Tic tac toe' on the surface of the sand. You just have to take some pebbles to act as tiles and draw the board on the sand. Let's play!

11. What do you see?
Since children's imaginations have no limits, what if after so much movement and activity you sit down to look at the sky and imagine the shapes that clouds have?

11. Summer Masterchef
That children play with the sand has multiple benefits for them, since they develop fine motor skills, know the environment, develop touch ... For this reason, I want to propose that, during your stay, they experience everything they can with this material . What if we teach them how to make meatballs with wet sand? They can also prepare stuffed mussels, using shell and sand, or make muffins.

12. Finding Nemo
If you are passionate about catching shells, finding much more fish. With great care and knowing that later they will return them to their place of origin, approach the shore and try to find that cute little fish.

13. Mime games
For space it will not be, that is why the beach is a magnificent place to rescue this game that always accompanies us. You think of a movie title and the rest have to guess it. To think has been said!

14. Fairytale walks
If there is one thing I personally enjoy on vacation, it is walks on the beach. Many kids, including mine, have a hard time, so what I have done is transform this activity into story time. And this is how stories such as 'The Princess with Long Hair' have emerged, a girl who had to save her kingdom from the curse of the magician Arnau.

Go to the beach with the kids It is something super fun, especially if you live in a city or town in the center of the country where you don't see the sea during the rest of the year. To the excitement of playing with the sand and jumping waves, we must add certain information that our little ones should know so that their stay there is pleasant for everyone and avoid any scare, however minimal. Do you know what we are talking about?

- When you arrive and put the umbrella, it is important that you tell the child where you are so that he or she is in the best possible position. You can, for example, put a striking towel so that it is easy for him to locate or place the chairs or bags in a way that only you can identify.

- It is also important to tell him where the nearest lifeguard post is, in case he gets lost he goes to that place and inform him that you will go there for him.

- If the child is over 6 years old, they may be able to memorize your phone number and, why not, learn the name of the hotel or the urbanization where you have the apartment.

- Just as necessary is that when you put your first foot on the sand, you identify the color of the flag so that you know the possible dangers that the sea may have that day. Blue, safe bathroom; yellow, caution; and red, prohibited.

- Tell him that if he gets lost and does not know how to return to your 'base camp', the best thing is that he does not move much more, so that it is easier to find him.

- Another highlight: NEVER leave the area and do not go with anyone or ride in the car of any stranger, no matter how much they tell you that they know their parents.

- And, of course, mom and dad take turns getting into the water or taking a walk, and with the aim that the little ones are always supervised by one of the two. It is good that we give them guidelines, but really the real people responsible are us, the adults.

Follow our advice and we hope you will have an unforgettable summer!

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