The compass of Santa Claus. Short Christmas stories for children

The compass of Santa Claus. Short Christmas stories for children

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The Christmas holidays are filled with even more fantasy when there are children. Sharing time with them, telling Christmas stories full of values, of learning, is a beautiful way to teach them the true meaning of Christmas. Share this nice short Christmas story with your children. Together, with this tale of 'Santa's compass', you will learn that the solution to difficulties may lie with us. We just have to open our eyes wide to see them.

This tale begins right on the night of December 24, when Santa Claus prepares to deliver gifts for children around the world.

The elves were packing the last presents and Santa Claus was already on the sleigh pulled by his six reindeer and Rodolfo, the red nosed reindeer.

When he checked that everything was ready, he took the reins of the sleigh and told the reindeer

- Take flight, tonight we will bring gifts and illusion to all the houses of the world!

Animated, they crossed with shooting stars, northern lights ... at full speed!

But suddenly, when he was going to check the route, he picked up the compass and realized that it was broken.

- It can't be, it was the only compass I had!

The reindeer Rodolfo approached Santa Claus and said:

- Easy, Santa, we will arrive safely, with my red nose you can see in the dark.

And they continued on their way.

Rodolfo found it difficult to position himself in the middle of the sky. But his illusion that night was so great that he steered the sled perfectly.

They started in a very small house with many children. Santa came in through the chimney and looked around. The living room was cold and had almost no furniture, but in one corner there was a small tree, with almost no decorations.

Santa clapped his hands and said:

- It has been a perfect room!

Now the little empty corner had beautiful furniture and a large tree with decorations and light bulbs.

Santa put the presents on the tree and quietly walked out.

And he continued to distribute to all the houses of the city. He entered through large, small, high, low chimneys ...

- Ugh! What a night! - Said Santa Claus. I am very tired, but very happy because I have managed to leave the gifts to the children.

He looked at his reindeer and thanked his helpers. He looked at Rodolfo and said:

- Rodolfo, guide us back home.

And so it was that they got home very quickly.

At the door all the elves were waiting for him with a small gift. Santa opened it and laughed.

- Hahaha! Thank you for this beautiful compass, although I have the best one: Rodolfo!

He called out to him with a loud voice, the reindeer approached and gave him a snout in the belly. They both knew that tonight he would make them inseparable friends.

1. Who packages gifts for Santa Claus?

2. What santa object was spoiled?

3. How did Santa Claus manage to deliver all the Christmas presents?

4. Who is the reindeer Rodolfo?

5. What else did you like about this story?

6. Would anything change in this story?

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