Teach your child to be generous and not anxious about Christmas gifts

Teach your child to be generous and not anxious about Christmas gifts

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Christmas is coming and many children are very nervous about gifts. Making the letter to Santa Claus or the Magi is a moment of great emotion for them. They think about how many gifts they will be able to this year in the letter and count on their fingers how many will arrive home. Two, five, nine? Children always want to receive more and more toys. However, parents have a duty: teach them to be generous and not anxious about Christmas gifts and that Christmas is not only about receiving, it is also about giving.

Within the #ConectaConTuHijo meetings, organized by our site, Andrés París, educational coach and pedagogue, has left us some of the keys to help us, as parents, so that our children do not feel so much anxiety about gifts and are more generous in the Christmas parties, because Christmas is a special and unique moment, and a time of year where many emotions are produced that we should maintain throughout the twelve months or, at least extend them a little more.

But, Is it possible for a child to be anxious about receiving gifts? Why this situation occurs? It should not be normal, although it seems to be more and more common and everything comes, according to Andrés París, from poor educational management and from not having taught our children pause, patience and that not everything is immediate, something that results from day to day Today complicated due to whatsapp and social networks. As parents, we have to stop this tendency by thinking about sowing and building something strong, solid and with basic values ​​as a family.

The child has the right to ask for whatever he wants, but parents have to be consistent and we must help them not to have anxiety about gifts, because many times it is us, for example at the time of writing to Santa Claus, who do not give them limits and we encourage them and constantly ask 'What are you going to write in your letter? o Let's make the gift list! With these phrases and this behavior on our part, we give them free rein to put everything they want or, what is worse, we correct them and force them that once everything is written, they are eliminating or selecting things.

Of course they will go to bed nervous thinking what Santa Claus will put them under the Christmas tree or the Three Wise Men near the Bethlehem, they will get up early to see if the package or packages deposited there are large or small and, surely, it will cost them to break wrapping paper in the rush to find out what's underneath, but only educating them in sustainability and proportionality we will ensure that they enjoy this moment more.

How can we explain to children in a simple way what generosity is? Andrés París says a very true and real phrase: 'It is giving something without asking for anything in return.' Those of us who are fathers and mothers discovered it the moment we had our first child in our arms, because in that instant you realize that that little person is, perhaps, the only one for whom you would give your life.

And that's what motherhood and fatherhood consist of a bit: giving without expecting anything in return. While it is true that sometimes we miss feedback and a gesture of gratitude from our children, it does not come when we want it, but when it comes from their hearts! But despite everything that feeling of giving makes us be in a very pleasant state, which is ideal to pass on to our children.

It clashes a bit with the look that Christmas is taking in recent times, where everything is receiving and consuming, but with small and simple gestures we can achieve it. Next, we give you some ideas that will help your children and, in general, the whole family, to be and learn to be more generous.

- Go to rakes
At Christmas, more than at any other time of the year, there are a lot of solidarity initiatives in which you can participate as a family, for example, go to some of the rakes that take place in your city. If you have doubts, ask at your nearest parish.

- Donate toys
It is good to explain to children that they are fortunate to have everything they 'want', but that there are children who may not receive anything for Christmas this year. Therefore, a good initiative may be to look in the toy box for that doll, puzzle or accessory that they no longer use (that is in good condition) so that other children can enjoy them.

- Share gifts
What if you propose to your children that this year one of the gifts be for the whole family or that it be shared with their siblings? You may be surprised by their reaction!

- Piggy bank
Surely your children have a piggy bank in which they put the coins that their grandparents or uncles give them from time to time or those that stay when they go to buy bread and they get confused with the returns. Maybe this year is the time to break the pig and give that money to who needs it.

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